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드라마, 코미디 / 미국 , 영국 / 161분 / 2019 .09.25 개봉 [국내] 청소년 관람불가 감독 : 쿠엔틴 타란티노 출...
액션, 드라마, 스릴러 / 미국 / 123분 / 2019 .10.02 개봉 / [국내] 15세 관람가 감독 : 토드 필립스 출연호 : ...

아이픽스잇(ifixit.com)의 애플 에어팟2 분해 내용입니다.

While the alcohol helped us get one foot in the door, we caught our tweezers in the jamb. A good firm pry opens up the driver for inspection.

Flex cables, antennas, and microphones are all carefully folded together like origami and cemented in place with glue. We cut away as much of the outer casing as we dare, and painstakingly scoop out the rest with a fine dental pick.

With these delicate fossils extracted, it's time to examine the brains:

Apple 343S00289 (likely Apple's new H1 chip)

빨간색이 Apple 343S00289 (new H1 chip), 주황색이 25SL 128A 1820, 노란색이 Apple 338S00420 (stereo audio codec), 초록색이 T 836

The vise deforms the outer shell just enough for us to wedge a blade into the seam, slicing through the adhesive underneath and freeing up the AirPod docking tubes.

As the battery comes free, it's clear there is simply no comparison between this battery and its predecessor ... because they are exactly the same.

내부 케이스 배터리 - Model A1596 / 3.81 V and 398 mAh, for 1.52 Wh.

Teardown complete! Let's put these back together and sync them up for some tunes.

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